Oops, I forgot a detail. Fixed it!

This is one of those tiny little sketchbooks.

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please watch your fucking language


i broke up with my gym
we were just not working out



How to join:

• Must be following me and literallyjohnegbert

• Reblog this post (liking for bookmarking is okay)

• Take this like survey


• Have your ask box open so we can message you if you get accepted

• Must be friendly and respectful to all other members of the network (or everyone in general)

• Must be willing to give us skype for a group chat

• Must be age 14 or above

• I s2g if any 13 year olds lie about their age then im kicking yall not even joking


• New friends !

• A place to gossip about robots and space and stuff

• Selfie reblogs probably

• Skype group chats

• We might be playing online card against humanity games too idk

• More followers probably

• Track the tag #punkcybernetwork

•Have fun fun fun

If you join, thank you! We hope you have fun!

I’m also aware that some people are often negative, but I want to try and keep this as a positive experience for everyone, so please keep that to private talks. I’m happy to help in any way though!

There will be a limited amount of members.

hey hey hey there was an error on the multiple choice, but it works now! please reblog this version!

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